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Imperial Cars Exeter – Car Servicing

Quality Car Service and Aftersales

At Imperial Cars Exeter our work isn’t finished when your car leaves our site. We provide quality aftersales care and car servicing when you need one. When you bring your car back to us for an interim, full or major service, we ensure that you get up to date service history, a new stamp in your log book, manufacturer specific repairs and replacements and a service that keeps your warranty valid. Book a service online today and get a discounted MOT.

Full, interim and major car services

When it comes to your car service, we ensure that each car gets a dedicated service schedule that’s tailored to your specific car make, age and mileage. An interim service is provided for cars every 6 months and for those that drive more miles each year. It provides a general oil check and top up along with some checks that keep your car running smoothly until your full, annual service. Every year or after 10,000 – 12,000 miles, most people get their annual car service. This provides comprehensive checks and tailored servicing to ensure your car runs efficiently for another year. If you haven’t had a service for a while, or every 2 years, you’ll need a major service. This includes all the normal checks plus additional checks for your spark plugs and fuel filters.

Getting the right service for you

If you’re not sure what type of service you need, we’ll check your car’s service history to check that your car is getting what it needs but also ensure we’re not replacing any parts that have already been replaced. We base your service on your annual mileage too, so if you’ve been to us before, we’ll check our records to find out how many miles you’ve done. You can also try our service checker online and check our online schedules to help you determine which service might be right for your car.

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Collection and delivery

For added convenience, we offer collection and delivery with our servicing. If you need us to collect your car, we can do so from anywhere in Exeter. We’ll also drop your car back to you when the work has been completed. If any extra work is required, we’ll contact you first before going ahead, with an honest quotation and breakdown of the work that’s required.

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Our customers can book their service and MOT online any time with just a few clicks. It’s available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and you can easily select service and view prices. Services and MOTs are available 6 days a week, so you can book a time that suits you best.

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