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Imperial Cars Exeter – Engine Diagnostics

Car diagnostic testing and warning light repairs

If you’re worried about the ‘check engine’ light that has suddenly appeared on your car’s dashboard, get in touch. We provide the latest technology in diagnostic testing to help provide diagnosis and solutions to any engine warning lights that come on in your car.

State-of-the-art car engine diagnostic technology

With the use of the latest equipment in the motor industry, we can link your car’s computer, the Engine Control Unit, to our system. This identifies your exact make and model of car and downloads any errors messages that are going on in the hub of your car. Once we’ve received the error codes, our technicians can then accurately provide a repair plan and quotation for the issue. With your approval, we can conduct the repairs and get you safely back on the road.

Car diagnostic test – what’s involved

In order to diagnose warning lights a car diagnostic test is required. We connect the specialist car diagnostic equipment and tools to your car. Modern cars are implemented with an Engine Control Uni which acts as the brain of your car’s engine. It controls most of the engine processes that keep your car running efficiently. It works like a computer and all data is backed up and recorded that is sent from the sensors throughout your car. When an error message occurs, your car will warn you with the dashboard warning lights that something is wrong. This will normally require a diagnostic test, so we can search the system to find the cause of the problem.

Servicing and engine diagnostics

Often, when you get a service it can be worthwhile getting a car diagnostic test. Although you may not have any warning issues, sometimes there can be small errors occurring that your car doesn’t think is serious enough to illuminate a warning light. Despite this, getting a diagnostic test during a service can ensure any minor repairs are caught before they become a bigger problem. During your service, we’ll check your car is running smoothly. A diagnostic test can help keep your car running smoother for longer and keep your overall costs down.

All makes and models

We use the latest technology so that we can work on all makes and models. Our equipment has high practical functionality on all modes and can identify the manufacturer’s specifications for an efficient diagnosis. We can work on all European, American and Japanese vehicles and accurately detect any issues.

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### Book your diagnostic test online You can book a diagnostic test online, over the phone or by coming into our garage. If you have a warning light on your car, please take caution when driving. We can provide advice over the phone if you’re worried about bringing your car in. However, to provide an accurate quote for repairs, we will need to take a look at your car. Book online today or give us a call at Imperial Cars Exeter.

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