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Imperial Cars Exeter – Air Conditioning Servicing

Air conditioning repairs, re-gas and services

Imperial Cars provides premier car air conditioning servicing, re-gas and repairs in Exeter. Our customers come to us for their air conditioning repairs and services so that they get reliable, trustworthy and affordable repairs to keep their air cool and dry. Most modern vehicles now come with an air conditioning system as standard, so it’s really important to get regular servicing just like every other component in your car.

Our air conditioning service

We’ll check your system components including your refrigerant gas, condenser, hoses, filter, compressor and oil. We check all parts within the system, carry out pressure and temperature tests, check for leaks and blockages and replace any oils and lubricants. In addition to this, we’ll remove and replace the filter, and recharge the system with refrigerant gas.

Regular car air conditioning servicing

When it comes to looking after your car’s air conditioning, it’s important to get a re-gas or service every 2 years. Each year your system will leak out important refrigerant gas that keeps the system running smoothly. This is through no fault of your own, but through small gaps in the vents and system. This gas needs to be topped up and replaced otherwise your system, will continue to lose gas and eventually stop working. When the system is run with low amounts of gas or no gas, it can cause the system to break. Repairing a whole system compared to getting a simple re-gas can take a lot longer and cost a lot more. That’s why it’s recommended to get an air conditioning service or re-gas every two years and keep costs down.

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Full bacterial clean

If you’re system is due for a cleanse, we provide a bacterial clean for your system to remove dust, dirt and grime. If your system isn’t cleaned regularly, it can cause blockages and buildup of bacteria. When this occurs, it can cause unpleasant smells to come when your air conditioning is turned on. You can book in a full bacterial clean when getting a re-gas or we provide one when conducting an air conditioning service to keep your system operating efficiently.

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Like all our other service, you can book your car air conditioning servicing and repairs online anytime. Whether you’re looking for a full service or a simple re-gas, you can book a designated spot just for you. We’ll follow all your vehicle’s manufacturer specifications and provide a personalized air conditioning service for your car. Book your air conditioning service, repairs and re-gas online or contact us if you’re experiencing problems. We’re open 6 days a week including Saturday mornings by appointment, so don’t hesitate to get booked in for your air con repairs today.

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